Friday, December 11, 2020

Finals Week Schedule We'll Be There For You

 Finals Week Asynchronous Class Schedule  

Monday 12/14/20 through Thursday 12/17/20

Students will connect with teachers at normal class times to take attendance and be prepared to finish final exams when given.

Friday 12/18/20

Students will connect with their Check and Connect Group at 8:00 am for attendance and final check in. From there students and teachers will connect to the grade level celebrations at the times indicated:

9th Grade Celebration 8:30 am Click Here to Enter the 9th Grade Celebration

10th Grade Celebration 8:30 am Click Here to Enter the 10th Grade Celebration

11th Grade Celebration 9:30 am Click Here to Enter the 11th Grade Celebration

12th Grade Celebration 9:30 am Click Here to Enter the 12th Grade Celebration

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Tales of GWECHS Geckos - It all starts here

Gateway Early College High School Students and Staff were welcomed into December with a new look to their high school website.

"We wanted something that reflected who we are and showcases our accomplishments"-Stacey Boyd, Principal. 

Students will find all of their familiar links to FamilyLink and Canvas as well as the Maricopa student email on the front page. Every teacher will be able to highlight what's happening in their classes and share links to important information with their students.  Community members will find important tools for enrollment and links to request transcripts.  Student Activities are highlighted with pictures and descriptions of recent events. Check out a video of one of our recent graduates in the STUDENT SPOTLIGHT area. 

Teri Carroll, High School Social Worker and Family Advocate is especially excited about the chance to reach out to students and their families through this blog.  We hope that students will subscribe to the blog to receive ongoing updates and news about the high school and college. There is also a translation button for families who communicate in other languages on our campus.  We want to make information accessible to all of our families.

Watch for updates to the website and other news coming soon!

Comment below your thoughts on the new website or any recommendations for us to add in the future.  

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